Your Brand's Split Personality Could Be Costly...

Is your brand capturing its full potential online and offline, or is it missing out on big opportunities to drive marketing ROI

What is a Social Misfit?

At Engagement Labs we created the term Social Misfit to describe a brand that performs very well socially either online, or in real life (IRL) - but not both. Brands that are Social Misfits are not capturing their full potential and are missing out on big opportunities to drive marketing ROI. Is your brand a Social Misfit?

Is Your Brand a Social Misfit?

Download our complimentary eBook, “Social Misfits: Brands That Have a Split Personality, in Social Media vs. IRL" to discover:

  • The top 30 Social Misfit Brands: brands whose behavior is different on social media than in face-to-face conversations
  • The critical, business-driving consumer conversations that Social Misfits miss out on and that they excel at
  • How to identify Social Misfit brands
  • A TotalSocial analysis which scores select brands based on both their online and offline conversation performance
  • The benefits, risks and implications of being a Social Misfit