Understand and manage the impact of controversial issues on your brand and business


nike-kaepernick-content-2018Many companies and brands monitor social media to alert them to problems in the marketplace, but this does not provide the whole picture. The New York Times reported, it would be “a mistake to assume that outrage on social media means outrage throughout the broader” population. At Engagement Labs, we’ve seen the same pattern impacting the consumer marketplace since we launched our TotalSocial® platform.

In recent months, we’ve seen dramatically different reactions in social media versus “real life” relating to:

  • Nike, NFL and Gillette tackled social issues relating to race and gender
  • Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, Publix, and Dick’s Sporting Goods have responded to gun violence and the divergent conversations that took place online versus offline
  • Equifax, Marriott International, TSB Bank and Uber discovered massive data breach affecting millions of consumers

What Are You Signing-Up For? TotalSocial Issues Scorecard Overview

A customized scorecard that shows your brand’s social influence scores (combined online and offline scores) versus your competitors. 

Our TotalSocial Issues Scorecard and consultation gives you a preview on how to help your company and brand navigate the current hostile political climate, social media mishaps, controversial and politicized advertisement and more.