The Remarkable Influence of Millennial Men

The Remarkable Influence of Millennial MenMillennial Men emerged as a new key influencer, upending the traditional dominance of women in that role. 

With unique data and insights on social media listening and face-to-face consumer conversations, our special report examines this significant shift in social influence dominance - one that is ripe for marketers to capitalize on. Millennial Men represent a large, informed, and connected group, with robust influencer networks – both in social media and in real life. 


Young Men Are Today's Influencers. Learn More About What That Means For Brands. 

Download this report to:

  • Learn best practices for engaging Millennial Men
  • Discover the brands and categories young men talk about the mostSPOILER: It’s not just tech and video games: They dominate beauty and personal care, too. 
  • Gain 8 critical, data-driven insights about how this group impacts consumer conversation
  • Make Millennial Men your key to improved social influence success, both in social media and in real life.