Are You Making Every Conversation Count?


TotalSocial metrics are strong measures of brand vitality and sales growth. After all, what consumers say about your brand drives sales and enhances your marketing ROI; if you are not measuring all the conversations about your brand you’re not maximizing opportunities to grow your business. TotalSocial is the only data solution that measures online and offline social influence and today we are offering a complimentary, customized TotalSocial ScordCard for qualifiying brands*.

Sign-up and you'll be on your way to better understand the marketing levers you need to pull to boost your presence in these consumer conversations about your brand – and drive sales.

What Are You Signing-Up For? Social Influence ScoreCard Example

Conversation Commander - Scatter chart exampleA customized scorecard that shows your brand’s social influence scores (combined online and offline scores) versus your competitors.
We will deliver this complimentary data with a 15 briefing to answer any questions.

Our TotalSocial Scorecard and consultation about social influence is your brand’s first step in optimizing social influence strategy to propel your growth.

What is TotalSocial?

TotalSocial is the world's only data solution combining social media listening metrics with offline conversations.