Does Your Brand's Social Influence Strategy Go Beyond Social Media?

American Express, Dove, BMW and Gatorade Are Social Leaders Online and Offline. 

Lessons from the Leaders of Social Influence | Engagement LabsProperly enabling consumer conversations allows brands to absolutely crush their category when it comes to social influence. Sound dramatic? It is. In our eBook we look at brands who have outperformed their category competitors and enjoy the clout and $$$$ benefits of consumer talk. 

Using unique data and insights on social media listening and face to face consumer conversations, this eBook looks into these Category Crusher brands for patterns and a winning formula for social influence success. 

Download this eBook to:

  • Influence purchase intent by using a holistic formula for social influence (Hint: it doesn't all happen online). This was a driving characteristic found across our Category Crusher brands.
  • Derive greater sales impact by implementing our best practices. Everyone knows social influence drives sales, but few know how to leverage it properly online and offline.  Find out how. 
  • Thwart competition armed with new ideas and tactics to implement for a competitive edge. 
  • Boost Marketing ROI get consumer influence right, and boost your marketing ROI. Apply our 10+ years of research on social influence and get more out of your marketing.