Consumer conversations account for 19% of sales...

…and nearly 50% of this comes from Offline chat.

Offline & Online conversations are very different, and often contradictory. Only combining insights from both gives you the fullest picture of your brand’s consumer.

TotalSocial® combines online listening metrics with the world’s only ongoing measure of offline conversations to help you take control of the discussions that matter most to your business, the ones that show the greatest correlation with sales growth and customer acquisition.

An interactive single dashboard allows marketers to harness the full spectrum of consumer influence measuring performance and diagnosing areas of weakness and opportunity.

TotalSocial® is based on four sets of key metrics for both online and offline consumer conversations:

  • Volume: How much conversation is a particular brand getting online and offline?
  • Net Sentiment: How positive is the conversation?
  • Brand Sharing: How much sharing of brand content, offline and online, is happening?
  • Influence: How are everyday influencers engaging with the brand?



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Kantar Analytics has a licensing agreement for the exclusive rights to sell Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial® platform in the United Kingdom.