021-01 EL01 TS AWARD LOGO 2021-02Engagement Labs celebrates brand performance leaders.  Brands that are included in these awards are highly talked about online via social media and offline by consumer word of mouth.


The awards are based on the Company’s proprietary TotalSocial® data and analytics, which continuously measures the online and offline social metrics that are proven drivers of business performance. These metrics, including both online and offline conversations against the following major conversation dimensions: net sentiment (the difference in the percent positive conversations minus negative), brand sharing (the extent to which people are sharing or talking about a brand’s marketing or advertising), volume (a measure of how many conversations mention a brand) and influence (the extent to which an influential audience is talking about a brand). Our technology platform, TotalSocial, and the propriety analytical scoring system that drives it, are the basis for these awards.


Net sentiment of consumer conversations continues to be positive for everyday categories such as beauty and personal care, children’s products, food and home. Consumers tend to place a significant emphasis on these categories as they directly relate to their daily lives and well-being that generate consumer conversations. Brands that can successfully generate positive conversations and engagement with consumers in these categories are likely to see increased sales and brand loyalty.

The Most Loved Award is given to brands with the highest net sentiment scores online and offline in 2022.

Engagement Labs TotalSocial Most Loved Brands 2023 - Offline and Online Winners