5 Myths and 5 Realities About Social Influence


One of social media’s key attractions to marketers is that it provides access to authentic conversations and opinions of consumers, and many believe this data accurately represents the larger conversation happening offline.

But if social media data is like the visible tip of an iceberg, is it true that it can accurately predict the size and shape of the invisible conversation that is happening below the surface?

Spoiler alert: The answer is no.

5 Myths About Social Influence Online and in Real Life...and 5 Realities

  • Why social media doesn’t reflect the larger, more important, conversations consumers are having in real life
  • How the offline and online conversation spheres behave more like separate ecosystems
  • Why it’s important to have distinct marketing strategies for both channels
  • Why you need to cultivate relationships with a different set of everyday influencers offline than those you engage online
  • How to measure social influence to drive better brand outcomes